Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina
From the website, “Bigalora features authentic Napoletana style pizza with Michigan’s first biga fermented pizza dough, which undergoes a natural 72 hour fermentation without the use of commercial yeast or added sugar, before being charred to perfection in 90 seconds at 900 degrees in our custom-built wood burning oven.”

The Root Restaurant
From the website, “Chef James is constantly touring farms and working with butchers, brewers and artisan food producers to build his menus. Our intent is to showcase seasonality, locality and quality. Hand made, from scratch, seasonal, chef-driven cuisine.”

Loya Organic
From the website, “All our lamb and beef is sourced from local Michigan farms where animals are pasture raised in natural environments and where growth hormones and antibiotics are out of question. Our chickens are naturally raised using organic practices. Our salads and juices are organic and locally sourced to the best of our ability.”

Selden Standard
From the website, “Selden Standard is grateful to work with a number of local farms and producers. Throughout the year, these include: Anthology Coffee, Bald Mountain Mushrooms, Cinzori Farms, Double L Farms, Food Field, Full Circle Organic Lamb, Guernsey Dairy, Idyll Farms, Jake’s Country Meats, Joseph Wesley Teas, Keep Growing Detroit, Melo Farms, Mindo Chocolate, Recovery Park, Tantre Farms, Tirrell Centennial Farm, Westwind Milling”

Eagle Tavern at Greenfield Village
Known to use old-fashioned recipes and local foods.

Major Tomato
From the website, “Major Tomato beef burgers are from grass-fed, sustainably raised animals, free from antibiotics and hormones. Our veggie burgers are organic and gluten-free. Not a chemical or GMO to be found anywhere. Hot dog-wise we’re organic, nitrite and nitrate-free. As for all toppings – pretty much the same healthy and delicious choices found on our pizzas. We strive to use locally produced products whenever possible. Also note, our buns are the best – made with organic sprouted wheat, honey, yeast, sea salt and not much else. Everything easily pronounceable…in other words, no chemical additives of any kind. Gluten-free buns are available and an organic white bun variety is also an option. Just ask.”

Zingermans Roadhouse and Family of Restaurants
From the website, “Since we opened in 2003,  we’re more excited than ever about offering you incredible grits from South Carolina, amazingly flavorful pork from the Niman Ranch network of small Iowa family farms, local meat, including beef, pork, lamb and goats, and flavorful heirloom vegetables, from our own Cornman Farms, artisan cheeses, and micro-brewed beers and fine wines from all over the US. And we’re having more fun than ever making full-flavored versions of old-time classics like macaroni and cheese, crab cakes made with real Maryland jumbo lump blue crab, really good fried chicken, Carolina barbecue and darned good corn dogs.”

Food Dance (Kalamazoo)
From the website, “For nearly 20 years, Food Dance has been committed to building a thriving and sustainable local food system. We support artisans who practice craft food processes that have been around for generations—growing, raising, preserving, curing, aging, pickling, butchering and more. For Food Dance, it’s about the connection with the people and places their food comes from—authentic people and authentic food that’s true to its source. Our on-site market offers amazing ingredients sourced from their family of purveyors–from sustainable, humanely raised meats, sausages and artisan cheeses to fresh baked bread, pastries and savory baked goods.”